Al-sunnah al-nabawia and the modern strategies of education


  • Dr. Kamal Fattouh



Strategies, Sunnah, Teaching, Modren Techniques, Education, Bloom Taxanomy


Education is the basic key to know about universe and for praciting in our lives. Islam and every other religion amphasizes on seeking the knowledge for our lives, livilihoods, to improve concepts and believes as well as practice on our religions. There are many modern techniques in the education systems around the world under bloom texanomy and also sub techniques like cooperative learning, problem based learning, thinking based learning, competency based learning etc. Even though the diversity of teaching strategies or modern teaching methods, the prophetic narations contained many of these strategies and methods of education. Holy prophet (pbuh) has guided in many of ?ad?ths to diversify educational methods as required by the situation, despite of the description of these methods of education as modern strategies, it is mainly derived from the Sunnah either through the command of the prophet (pbuh) or practical application in the education of his companians. In this regard, by adopting narrative and analytical methodologies, author has identified the foundation of modern techniques and satratigies to educatate ourselves. In this paper, Atuhor finds put many examples of these strategies and shows their pracital forms applied by holy Prophet to educate his companions.




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Fattouh, D. K. (2020). Al-sunnah al-nabawia and the modern strategies of education. ĪQĀN, 2(02), 1–20.