Literary Services of Syed Suleman Al-Nadvi in Seerah al-Nabawiyah


  • Muhammad Tariq Mahmood
  • Dr. Muhammad Munir Azhar



Saleman, Nadvi, Seerat, Rahmat e Alam, Shibli Noumani


Syed Suleiman Nadvi is one of the most famous and prominent writer and Religious scholars of Sub-Continent. He has written a number of books in different languages i.e., Arabic, Urdu. This article narrates the literary services of Syed Suleiman Nadvi about the Seerat-al-Nabi. One of his renowned writing is ‘Seerat-al-Nabi’. He, through his writings and lectures has demonstrated his love for Holy Prophet. Basically, Seerat-al-Nabi is one of his prominent book which is a complete biography of Holy Prophet and is considered authentic source of Seerat studies. It has seven parts. First two parts have been written by Allama Shibli Nomani while the other five parts are written by Syed Suleiman Nadvi. This book provides comprehensive details about the life of holy Prophet (SAW) and it has been translated in different languages. He also delivered eight lectures about Seerat-al-Nabi which are available in the book form named; Khutbaat-e-Madras. To aware and inspire the children about the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) he wrote a book Rahmat-e-Alam. In these writings he presented whole life span of the Holy Prophet in a brilliant and comprehensive manner.




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