The Reasons for The Decline of Pakistani Society and Its Remedy

(In the light of Islam)


  • Muhammad Ajmal Qasmi PhD Scholar Islamic Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Dr. Muhammad Azam Panuhan Bahawalpur



Social Values, Injustice, Poverty, Revelation, Followers, Islamic Teachings


Islam is the comprehensive religion who guides its followers for living methods through sets of rules. The teachings of Islam are based on revelation here we have discussed the reasons of the decline of Pakistani society and then we suggested its remedy (in the light of Islam). When we see in the past people recited the verses of the Holy Quran in their houses, they discussed about teachings of Islam, Almighty Allah and the teachings of our Holy Prophet ?. They discussed about sacred personalities, Halal and Haram, business method, trustworthy, truthfulness, fear to Allah and other teachings of Islam to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. But now all these have gone away in our houses and societies. There are many reasons. Riba (usury, murder, telling a lie, theft, drink alcohol, Haram food and drinks etc) are become the part of our lives.

            We should follow the teachings of Islam for living a good life. We should help each other; we should like the things for ourselves like for others. Allah has ordered us for justice and truth but we are far away from these things. We should create a sense of sacrifice, love, help and fear of Allah. This is our responsibility that we change our minds and follow the teachings of Islam with full zeal and zest.

Keywords: Islamic teachings, followers, revelation, poverty, injustice, social values




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Muhammad Ajmal Qasmi, & Panuhan, D. M. A. (2024). The Reasons for The Decline of Pakistani Society and Its Remedy : (In the light of Islam). ĪQĀN, 6(1), 48–64.