The Final Revision of Glorious Quran And Its Effect In Quran Prevention From Any Distortion


  • Dr. Muhammad Aslam Assistant professor, UET Lahore, Faisalabad Campus, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Imrana Shahzadi Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, GCW University, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Hafiz Hamid Hammad Assistant professor, department of Islamic Studies, Government College University Faisalabad



Transcripts , Prevention, [Arzā Akhīrā], Final revision, Quranic distortion, Quranic sciences


The research contains a prominent issue and talks about the introduction of Final Revision [Arz? Akh?r?]of the Holy Quran between the Holy prophet and Jibr?l (A.S) clarifying the importance of final revision [Arz? Akh?r?] in separation of Qiraat shaza and prevention of the Quran from any distortion and addition in perspective of the narrations and Hadiths regarding Arza Akheera. The study explains the relation between sabaa Ahruf [seven variants of the Holy Quran] and final revision and its effects on the compilation of the Holy Quran during the period of Abu Bakar and Usman (R.A) and its effects on seven variants and Usmani Transcripts. And identify the companions who witnessed the Last Revision. The study concluded with the conclusive evidence that the final revision witnessed by hundreds of the Companion and was a standard base of the unity of the Quranic text and guarantee of prevention of the Quran from any increase, decrease or distortion and that the Ottoman transcripts were exactly in accordance with the Final Revision of the Holy Quran.





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Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Dr. Imrana Shahzadi, & Dr. Hafiz Hamid Hammad. (2023). The Final Revision of Glorious Quran And Its Effect In Quran Prevention From Any Distortion . ĪQĀN, 5(1), 1–8.




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