Muslim Scholars and The Study of Orientalism: An Analytical Study


  • Dr. Riaz Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic studies, Govt. Graduate College, Samanabad, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Rafi u Din EST Govt. High school, Chanawala, jang



Oreintalists, Muslim scholars, research, effects on public, analytical study


The aim of this research paper is to analyze and determine the role and scope of the works of Muslim scholars on Orientalists. Muslim scholars have done exclusive works in this field of research. They have responded literally, morally, and logically to all those lame excuses which Orientalists have raised about Islam. Many Muslim scholars have sacrificed their lives in this service of Islam. But the research of Muslim scholars on Orientalists also indirectly affects the Muslim Ummah, especially the works of those Muslim scholars who presented their research works in local languages (Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Malay, etc). This way of research helps Orientalists' views penetrate in Muslim Ummah because the common Muslims have easy access to the works of Orientalists in their own languages. This paper also discussed those parameters which a Muslim scholar must keep in mind while researching Orientalists




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Ahmed, D. R. ., & u Din, D. R. . (2022). Muslim Scholars and The Study of Orientalism: An Analytical Study. ĪQĀN, 4(2), 40–52.