Prophetic Leadership and Management (An Analytical Review of Islamic Perspectives)


  • Dr. Muhammad Tayyeb Nadeem National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Islamabad Campus, Islamabad
  • Dr. Ahmad Raza ul Habib Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Narowal, Narowal
  • Fouzia Ayub Senior Lecturer, Islamic & Pakistan Studies, University of Wah, Wah Cantt



Leadership, Management, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islamic Perspective, Qurān, Sīrah


Leadership is a crucial and indispensable management role that helps in directing an organization’s resources in a direction that proves to be beneficial in the long run for them, all done with an intention of improved efficiency and achievement of goals. However, Leadership and its various management styles in the modern world continue to change with the changes in moral and ethical values. This paper is located within a conceptual framework of Leadership in Islam and the Prophetic Teachings that shed light on the characteristic of Leadership. It explores the concept of Leadership in Islam with extensive detail on the precise teachings and leadership styles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH. An abundance of journal articles has been thoroughly sought and looked at in order to first and foremost, understand the basic traits of Leadership in Islam, an in-depth analysis of Strategic Leadership by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and following this, the exploration of actual events that took place in the life of Muhammad (PBUH) that demonstrated various aspects of Leadership Styles.




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Dr. Muhammad Tayyeb Nadeem, ul Habib, D. A. R. ., & Ayub, F. . (2022). Prophetic Leadership and Management (An Analytical Review of Islamic Perspectives). ĪQĀN, 4(2), 15–25.