Challenges of Rhetorical translation Translation of Surah Al-Kawthar


  • Dr. Lubna Farah Khan Director Translation and Interpretation, NUML, Islamabad



Rhetoric, translation shortcoming, characteristics of translation, difficulties.


This study paper is trying to find out the difficulties in rhetorical translation and its implicit meaning. Translation of Quranic verses is seriously a difficult job because it includes the tacit relationship of meaning with the words and the structure of sentences. The translation is a scientific and civilized work through which nations rise and flourish and cultures and civilizations fertilize, so we find the nation is the foundation for itself, its civilization and its glory, for the development of the nation and benefit from the civilization of other nations resorting to translating its production in order to be inspired by the human heritage.

With the above facts, the paper tries to study the translation of Surah al-Kwathar and find the lapses and shortcomings in the translation of this Surah in Urdu and English and the paper underlined the difficulties faced by the translator in understanding the quranic verses.




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Khan, D. L. F. (2022). Challenges of Rhetorical translation Translation of Surah Al-Kawthar. ĪQĀN, 4(2), 14–24.