Current Global Warming Prevention in Islamic Perspective: Research Review


  • abdul manan cheema abdul manan university of Sargodha
  • Dr.Malik Kamran Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Lahore, Lahore
  • Dr.Muhammad Ali Shaikh Lecturer Islamic studies,Department of Basic Sciences and Related studies The Shaikh Ayaz University shikarpur Sindh



Islam, Global warming, Causes, Deforestation, Impact, Prevention


Global warming is global issue in modern times.Global warming and climate change  have affected the entire world. It  is essential to take preventive measures to reduce heat wave and  temperature  of Earth for protection of  human life animal life and plant life. Islamic ecological instructions can play an important role to eradicate current global warming. Deforestation is main cause of global warming.Trees are natural sources of oxygen and cooling in the atmosphere .Trees play  a key role in maintaining   natural ecological balance of planet Earth.The plants and trees  provide humane life  with fresh, clean  and cool oxygen to breath. Heat wave in recent times  must be controlled by  planting as many  trees as possible.30 percent  area of Pakistan was covered with  forest and green trees in 1947 but gradually it has shrunk to 5 percent in these days. Deforestation has increased imbalance, disorder, global warming, climate change, air pollution and other many more  ecological and biological issues. Every person is hardly motivated to plant new trees more and more in Islamic teachings. This article explores Islamic teachings, preventive measures  for  global warming  prevention.




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abdul manan, abdul manan cheema, Kamran, D. ., & Shaikh, D. A. . (2022). Current Global Warming Prevention in Islamic Perspective: Research Review. ĪQĀN, 4(2), 37–46.