Islamophobia, Hatred and Violence against Muslim Communities in the West and Real Picture of Islam


  • Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi National University of Modern Languages Islamabad Pakistan



Islamophobia, Muslim Communities, Anti- Veil Campaigns, Discriminations, Hate


The aim of this research was related to Islamic studies which reflect the historical information coupled with religious and cultural studies along with philosophical opinions. Due to Islamophobia, the real and appropriate picture of Islam is distorted so the focus of the current study was on the related improvement that supports and stimulates the real picture of Islam in the world. Therefore, the study aimed to examine the Islamophobia hatred, and violence against Muslim communities in the west and the real picture of Islam. For this purpose, the data collected was qualitative, such that secondary data was critically analysed by the tool of content analysis. It was analysed that the concept of Islamophobia had originated in the 19th century and this term in the early 20th century had been redefined. Islamophobia was a new practice of racism where judgments and discriminations are focused and targeted on the religious community, also known as ‘cultural racism’. Anti-Muslim sentiments had experienced a rapid rise in the west over the past few decades. Post 9/11 era had led to a global shift, racism towards Muslims was observed in fields like education, economy, labor market, and international relations. Moreover, anti-veil campaigns and the killing of immigrants were another outcomes of the Islamophobia mindset in the west. Moreover, it had been found in the findings that the events like 9/11 and the continuous conflicts in the Middle East had a destabilizing impact on Muslims as well as western countries. Due to which this Islamophobia attitudes are on the rise in western culture. It was recommended that for Muslims to continue there was a need to spread the real teachings of the peaceful religion Islam in their social circles.




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Abbasi, M. U. R. (2022). Islamophobia, Hatred and Violence against Muslim Communities in the West and Real Picture of Islam. ĪQĀN, 4(2), 1–14.