Media-tic Challenges for Inter-Faith Harmony in Pakistan and Pragmatic Social Egalitarianism


  • Dr. Syed Aftab Alam Assistant Professor, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
  • Dr. Saeed Ahmad Saeedi Assistant Professor, institute of Islamic Studies, University of Punjab Lahore.



Media-tic Challenges, Inter-Faith Harmony in Pakistan, Religious Communities in Pakistan, Pragmatic Pakistan, Social Egalitarianism


Pakistan being multi-religious country has diverse religious communities which have been living as friends for centuries. In the recent past, few incidents of targeting the minorities were reported which labeled Pakistan as a locus of intolerance, extremism and terrorism. As matters of fact, all these troublemakers were funded by some specific international groups and prorogated illicitly by some media groups otherwise the same religious communities have been living in the same land for centuries as brothers and friends.

The research is comprises a survey study about the role of Pakistani media for promotion and observing inter-faith harmony among different religious communities in Pakistan. Media has a crucial part in maintain the social pulse especially on inter-faith harmony platform. Nationally and internationally, the wave of creditability is more recognized than the quickness of media so it is pertinent to understand to regularize the media of Pakistan that they should first recheck the news and incidents through the concerned professors of the area and the government officials then break a comprehensive report to stable the creditability of their channel and paint a positive image of Pakistan all over the world. It is also found that Pakistani media is not sufficiently covering the scholars of different religions other than Islam on social life topics and on harmonic points of their religions also.



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Alam, D. S. A. ., & Ahmad Saeedi, D. S. (2021). Media-tic Challenges for Inter-Faith Harmony in Pakistan and Pragmatic Social Egalitarianism. ĪQĀN, 4(01), 80–90.