Contemporary Applications of Istehsan in Zakat Related Issues


  • Minhaj Ullah aiou
  • Prof Dr. Mohyuddin Hashmi aiou



KEYWORDS: Istihsan, Zakat, Applications, Contemporary Issues, rulings




Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Allah Almighty mentions it frequently in the Holy Quran. The Prophet (SAWS) also described its importance and virtue. He mentioned the punishments to be given in case of non-payment. The details of Zakat, i.e. the syllabus and the condition of passing the year on it, etc. show that Zakat is based on ease. The main purpose of Zakat is to help the needy and to distribute wealth fairly. Keeping in view these characteristics and aims of Zakat, the ancient jurists in their time inferred the issues which were in accordance with the conditions of that time and in accordance with the spirit of Sariah. However, due to the change of time and circumstances, some of the rules related to Zakat have come under attack on the purposes of Shariah and instead of ease in Zakat, a state of difficulty and hardship has started to arise. Therefore, these rulings need to be reviewed. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research work on this subject. In this article, the principle of Istishan has been applied to such issues and their ruling has been mentioned in the light of Istishan.

Author Biography

Prof Dr. Mohyuddin Hashmi, aiou

deen faculty of arabic and islamic studies




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Ullah, M. ., & Hashmi, P. D. M. (2021). Contemporary Applications of Istehsan in Zakat Related Issues . ĪQĀN, 4(01), 24–38.