A Research Review of the Reform Movements of World Religions


  • Sobia Khan Bahawalpur




Reform Movements. World Religions. Review


Religious reform movements and religious economic movements differ greatly in their goals, organization, and manifestos. Reform movements emphasize the need to bring about change in society and to make individuals righteous in character.  These worship   for this purpose. Mention Meditation Use sermons and preaching. They have no restrictions on membership of the organization and their doors are open to everyone so that more and more people can benefit from them. In this way these movements emerge from below and create a public character within them. Do Leadership is not important in such organizations. The aim of reform movements is to reform society first. When society improves, political and economic changes will result automatically. Therefore, these movements are usually isolated from politics and do not like to confuse themselves in political disputes. Her argument is that in that case she will be in conflict with her political rivals and will not be able to do her job. On the contrary, we would call other movement’s reformist. Because they do not raise the slogan of revival or revolution, but they want to reform the present society without any fundamental change. They bring religion out of the past by adapting it to the modern age and try to eliminate the contradictions that exist between the basic religion and the modern requirements by adapting its teachings to the modern age.




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