Contemporary Intellectual Conflict and Modern Requirements for Da'wah and Strategies


  • Dr. Faridah Yousuf Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, BZU, Multan, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Naseem Akthar Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar, Pakistan.



Islam, preaching, methods, challenges, globalization


Islam as a last seal of revealed religions, it is obligatory in Islam for its followers to preach and spread the last and final message of Allah to the world. Globalization made it much easier to interact with different sects, ethnic groups, nations and religions; which results in a dire need to put more effort in spreading the message of Islam.   Though it is a fact that besides the sincere efforts of different preaching groups of Islam the required results are still needed to be achieved. That’s why it is important to made reforms in the methods of preaching to face and counter the challenges of contemporary scenario. This article focuses on the responsibility of preacher and objectives of preaching so the preacher clearly understands the objectives behind the spreading of the message of Islam and exert his/her all abilities to fulfill the task. Because in recent times in order to convey the message of Islam the preacher have to face many challenges and problems. That is why the preaching should be given with wisdom, humility, sincerity, persistence and according to the environment. At the end this study focuses on the strategies of preaching so preacher understand the basic elements of preaching to attain the required result.




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Yousuf, D. F., & Akthar, D. N. . (2021). Contemporary Intellectual Conflict and Modern Requirements for Da’wah and Strategies. ĪQĀN, 3(02), 145–162.