Aspects of Islamic Renewal in the Religious Studies: Descriptive Study


  • Ali Zalmat Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies The Islamic University of Brussels, South Africa.



Religion, Renewal, Etymology, Hijab, Comparative study


This research comes to talk about renewal in the field of religious science, through some examples and models, among the pioneers of the new generation of learners and researchers in our Islamic world and with an Islamic intellectual reference, who went beyond the usual stereotypes in the study of religions, and emotional enthusiasm, to present new topics with a new vision, with openness to the new studies and new sciences. The importance of this topic is evident in examining examples from these studies. Depending on the descriptive approach, and contenting itself with the inclusion of texts without analysis or correction, in order to try to answer the problem of renewal in the science of religion. The most important findings of the research are the etymology is indispensable in studying and controlling the true meaning of texts and religious expressions, and another discussion based on his religious text is a matter of great importance.




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Zalmat, A. (2021). Aspects of Islamic Renewal in the Religious Studies: Descriptive Study. ĪQĀN, 3(02), 59–74.