Translation of the Qur'an Between Text and Ideology


  • Lubna Farah NUML, Islamabad



Orientalists, Translation, mistranslation, Ideology


Translation of the Qur'an between text and ideology

Orientalism starts as a religious and cultural movement searching in the Arab world to know about Islam, culture, history, and tradition. They tried hard to dig deeply into Islam through the Quran, Sunnah, all these efforts were due to the strategic geographical position of the Arab world. Orientalists became very fluent in Arabic,

The Article is investigating translations of the Quran into English with a focus on the intervention of the ideological factor taking into account the influence of Orientalist ideology. The ideology as in the case of manipulation school in translating Islamic texts by orientalists. The research seeks to examine the relation between ideology and translation. It is true that the Orientalist scholars, although not altogether free from biased thinking, have contributed a lot, so far as their intellectual endeavors are concerned. The paper highlights the features of the Orientalist translation, objectives, sources, motives, structure, and methods. The paper concludes that most orientalist translators are consciously or unconsciously influenced by religious, cultural, social ideologies when they translate Quranic text. The study shows that we need to develop more studies in the field of an ideological factors in the translation of the Quran.



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