Origination of Islamic Civilization from Non-Muslim Civilizations: Analytical Study


  • Muhammad Umair
  • Dr. Muhammad Khubaib Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, The Islamiah University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
  • Abubakar Siddique Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan.




Islamic Culture, Civilizations, Arab Culture, Social Customs, Civil Harmony


When the moon of Islam was appeared on the horizon of Arabia, at the time there were Jews and Christians who had their own civilization. When Muhammad (PBUH) started the preaching of Islam, people started to embrace Islam and it is commonly understood that initially, Muslims started to follow Islamic worship while living in the ancient Arab civilization and culture. Then gradually Islam spread in remote areas of Arabs and Islamic civilizations used to color its own on the face of the society, but much of the culture was still based on famous Arab culture. As the series of Islamic victories started, Islam also dominated other civilizations. The point of debate is that when Islam dominates the civilizations of other areas, nations, or religions, Meanwhile, Islam borrowed many social customs and cultures from other civilizations. In this article, the main point of research and analysis will be discussed getting affected of Islamic civilization by other civilizations and It will be concluded that how to understand this discussion for civil harmony in the distant future.




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Umair, M. ., Khubaib, D. M. ., & Siddique, A. . (2021). Origination of Islamic Civilization from Non-Muslim Civilizations: Analytical Study. ĪQĀN, 3(02), 89–108. https://doi.org/10.36755/iqan.v3i02.261